Social Selling: How to Sell on Instagram

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For some social media is only a tool to increase brand awareness, but for others, social media is a tool to create new leads. Social selling, when done right, can be a powerful sales tool to gain new leads and increase revenue.

Selling on social is a common practice on Linkedin, but it can be just as effective on social media platforms, like Instagram.

To create awareness around your brand on Instagram and build authority, you need to share valuable content. By doing so you’re already taking the first step to social selling.

You’re already doing part of the work. Now, you simply need to understand the concept of social selling to structure your activities accordingly and adopt them into your workflow.

What’s Social Selling?

Selling on social means using social media platforms, like Instagram, to turn your followers into paying clients.

By engaging with your ideal client on the platform you’re able to foster a relationship and turn them into a qualified lead. Depending on your ideal client, the engagement can be passive or active.

Active engagement means that you sent DMs to each other, comment on each other’s posts, etc. Passive is where you’ll share content and your ideal client always consumes but rarely engages.

It doesn’t mean that they’re not interested, it just means that they’re not an active participant on the platform. They’re lurkers.

With social selling, you strategically create awareness, interest, and desire through Instagram. Then push people to take action on your platform. How? By following these 4 steps:

  1. Increase visibility
  2. Educate
  3. Foster relationships
  4. Be consistent and strategic

5 Steps for Social Selling on Instagram

1. Increase visibility

If you don’t talk about your business, no one will. You can be the best coach, the best consultant, the best creative, and still, people won’t magically find you and buy from you.

You have to be comfortable and confident in showing up. Be intentional, consistent, and strategic.

Make sure that how you show up aligns with your brand, your strategy, and helps you get closer to your goal.

If your goal is to increase revenue, then offering value is necessary. Otherwise, you’re building popularity which doesn’t translate into sales.

2. Educate

For online entrepreneurs, value often comes in the form of education.

People buy from the ones they like and trust. How do we get that likeability and trust? You show that you care about them by offering something truly valuable.

Teach them how your service will solve their problems. Teach them how it works. I always advise my clients to use social media to answer common questions their ideal clients have.

When your free content is of high value, the perception of the quality of your paid content increases. That makes the desire for your services to increase as well.

By always being the person that your ideal client can turn to for help, you start creating a longlasting relationship.

3. Foster relationships

Social media makes it easy to remain anonymous and hide behind a logo. However, social media also allows us to get personal without having to be in the same space and breathing the same air.

Effective social selling requires personal connections because people connect with people, that’s a fact. You can choose to hide or you can choose to use Instagram wisely and grow your brand.

To create and nurture relationships people need to know the face and voice behind the brand. If you’re an accountant then people want to know who they’ll be trusting with their money. If you’re a therapist then people want to know who they’ll be trusting with their traumas.

Relationships aren’t built overnight. People need to know you care enough to help, they need to trust you, and they need to be aware of the support your offer.

4. Be consistent and strategic

You can’t rush people through their purchasing journey, through the relationship, so you have to give them time and keep guiding them through the funnel. Social selling isn’t a one-time tactic, but a method to adopt in your workflow.

To successfully implement it you need a plan. Without a plan, it’s impossible to continue selling on social.

Your plan will show you whether the core basics of your brand are well identified and defined so that your messaging aligns and converts.

Without the core basics, there’s no message, and without the message, there’s no value to offer. So, do a reality check on your brand and assess whether you have the right pieces for selling on Instagram and growing your personal brand.

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