Shiny Object Syndrome: How to Stay Focus as an Entrepreneur

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Are you spreading yourself thin? Doing all the things and trying every tactic under the moon? The shiny object syndrome is real, but let me give you my strategy for staying focus as an entrepreneur.

There are so many ways to grow a successful business. There are multiple strategies and tactics you can implement. But, how do you choose one and stick to it?

In a previous post, I talked about what it means to have a brand focus. Brand focus is my strategy for staying focus and overcoming shiny object syndrome.

However, to have a brand focus, you need to be able to asses your brand and have a system that will help you evaluate new opportunities.

First, it’s important to understand what shiny object syndrome is.

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

We live in a world with countless opportunities. The world is at your fingertip.

The downside is that there is always something different you can be doing. There is always a better tool out there, a better freelancer out there, a better course out there, or a better community out there.

With our brain being exposed to so much information, it’s no surprise that we want to try them all and do it all.

We test this social media platform today and then when the next marketing guru tells you to be on another social media platform, you jump at the opportunity.

Now you have two social media platforms, too little time, and you’re just half-assing your efforts. That is shiny object syndrome!

Shiny object syndrome is when we get into this continuous loop of wanting to try something better without a plan or discipline.

Discipline is an art that many of us forgot about, so when we hear about something new that can help our business grow faster, we are too quick to jump on it instead of having the discipline and focus to wait for the results of our previous actions.

How This Manifests in Business

Shiny object syndrome is often an issue that arises in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurs grow they start to see the value of being focused and that same focus is what will help them grow.

Once you realize how important focus is, you will never let it go.

Every business has its journey, and while the specifics of the journey is unique, the stages we experience are universal.

What our focus should be is dependent on the stage we are at in our business. This may sound very simple, but still, it’s the hardest thing entrepreneurs struggle with.

When we hear people are building 6-figure businesses because they launched a course, then we automatically want in on it and end up buying their course to learn their framework.

However, if you barely got your business off the ground, how do you expect to sell a $300 course?

If you’re struggling to get a handful of new leads for your 1-1 services, how do you expect to get 50 sales for your new course?

You simply aren’t at the stage where a course would be a good idea. You haven’t validated your services and business model yet, you haven’t built the traffic (amount of leads), you haven’t build authority, and you haven’t fostered a community.

You have to focus on what will work for your business right now. This can only be done when you know your brand focus. When you know your niche, when you have a focused brand messaging, and a focused strategy and plan.

How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

You’ll always struggle with staying focus, but by assessing your business needs and creating a focused action plan you’ll always have something to grasp on when you feel scattered.

The above illustration shows the different stages of business. Each stage includes the corresponding focus.

  1. Test Stage
    • Focus: Test your business model, validate your product/service, and gain insight into your target audience.
  2. Build & Develop
    • Focus: Build traffic by increasing inbound leads, develop brand authority, and create plus nurture your community.
  3. Grow & Scale
    • Focus: Create a stable income, diversify your income streams, and then automate your income to create passive income.

To beat the shiny object syndrome, create a habit for each focus. Once you feel comfortable with one habit and it’s part of your workflow, only then can you move on to cultivate a new habit.

We’re not creating goals, we are training your mind to adopt a focused mindset at all times.

If you want to grow a business sustainably, meaning creating a business that will continuously generate profit and stand the test of time, you need to develop deep roots.

You need to build a good foundation by mastering each step before moving on to the next one.

When you skip or skim a step, you lose balance. You may have good luck and launch a 6-figure course but replicating and building on that success is going to be hard.

Luck is unreliable, which is why we have to focus on creating systems that work for your specific business.

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