5 Personal Branding Tips & Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

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One thing most successful online entrepreneurs have in common is that they all used personal branding to grow their business. While building an authoritative brand these days takes more work, I found that these personal branding tips help make the journey more successful.

Even though online businesses are a relatively new concept, the low entry barrier has made it a quite competitive industry. The best way to stand out is by using yourself, your expertise and personality, to brand and promote your business.

I wrote an extensive blog post on how to use personal branding in your business. While we often think that building a personal brand is the goal, personal branding is more a means to an end. It’s a strategy that you apply and therefore requires strategic actions.

As an online entrepreneur dominating your space, online, is crucial and these personal branding tips and resources will surely help you navigate the process.

Online Personal Branding Tips

1. Have a Focus & Be an Expert

It’s impossible to position yourself as an expert and have your audience see you as such when you lack focus. Having a specific niche allows you to master your craft, offer a specific solution, and have a targeted message that speaks to your specific ideal client.

Being an expert in the space means having extensive knowledge of your subject, working tirelessly to get better, and knowing all the ins-and-outs of your industry. Having that knowledge and experience is what will help you become the go-to person in your field.

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2. Share Your Expertise

When thinking about personal branding the first thing people assume is that it’s all about visibility. Yes, visibility is a big part, but when it’s not done right it won’t be profitable.

Visibility is important because if people aren’t aware of your expertise, then it’s impossible to position yourself as the go-to person. You need awareness to build like and trust. To successfully increase awareness, offer value to your audience through your expertise.

As an online entrepreneur use content marketing to create awareness, authority, and inbound engagement.

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3. Use Social Media to Build Relationships

Personal branding is all about building relationships. By sharing valuable resources and getting engagement, you can see who in your network is interested in what you do.

Deepen the contact by personally contacting each of those followers. So reply to their comments, send them DMs, and engage with their content.

Building the relationship starts with sharing valuable content tailored to the social media platform that your ideal client uses.

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4. Lead with Authenticity

People can have similar expertise as yours, they can copy your graphic, your landing page, your branding colors, but they can never copy your personality. That the only thing in your business that is unique and will help you stand out from the competition.

Don’t hide it by creating a generic brand identity and copying other people’s marketing. Instead, use your personality and values to create a unique brand identity and marketing actions that align with your brand.

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5. Engage in Communities

Gone are the days where networking meant passing your business cards to as many people as possible. As an online entrepreneur, you know that online communities and events aren’t produced for that kind of engagement.

People craft communities and online events, like conferences, in a way that fosters engagement between members to spark meaningful conversations.

So, be intentional with each new connection your make. Ask them for a (virtual) coffee chat and deepen the relationship. That’s how you create a network of prospects, referrals, and friends that will support your business moving forward.

Community Tips (for Female): ALT Summit, Yellow Co., The Riveter, Quilt, and Create & Cultivate.

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