Personal Branding Strategy

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[title type=”line” align=”center”] Break the ceiling! Growth doesn’t happen inside your comfort zone.


There comes a point in your entrepreneurial journey, where you realize that it’s time to take your business to the next level. When you realize:

…that you need to stop getting paid pennies as a freelancer and instead have clients pay you what you’re worth as an advisor/consultant

…that you need to stop losing clients to cheaper competitors because your clients don’t understand the value that you offer

…that you need to grow your business beyond your referral network because you are hitting the limits of your network capabilities.

It’s time to break the ceiling, create continuous growth, and get the success you desire by increasing your brand authority.


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But, what do I say?  When you create clarity around your brand, you’ll find your message.

But, what if I offer too many things? You can be a multi-passionate entrepreneur and still have a clear brand focus.

But, who am I to talk about this? AN EXPERT! And you damn well know it.

But, what if people don’t like me? That means your filtering out people who are not your ideal client. That’s what you want!

But, how? By creating a focused personal branding strategy, you’ll define your niche, your message, and your marketing activities.[/box-3]

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In order to grow your business, you need to solidify your brand, restructure your marketing, and put a strategic plan in motion.

Create a brand that connects with your ideal client, is authoritative, and increases (inbound) brand engagement.

It all starts by having a clear brand focus![/box-2]

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Your business isn’t just what you do. It’s the collection of who you are, what you know, what you offer, and how you do it.
It’s all your passion and thoughts wrap into an exceptional gift box. That is the authenticity of your brand! You are the authenticity of your brand! And, no competitor can surpass or be equal to your brand when YOU step in your purpose and become the soul of your business.
Your personal branding strategy will turn your gift into a message and offer guidance on how to communicate and position yourself as the go-to person in your industry.

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The Strategic Brand Focus Package

A 2-part personal branding strategy package to find your focus and get clarity around your brand!

Do you always wonder what makes you special? What sets you apart? Do you get paralyzed when thinking of what content to put out or how to market yourself and your business as a multi-passionate entrepreneur? What to say and how to show all that you know? With this package, we’ll work on finding your expertise and purpose using my Ikigai for Business Framework and we’ll define your focus and create an action plan for the future.


  • A profitable niche with a business model that fits that niche
  • Clarity around your brand messaging to position yourself as an authority
  • Who your target group is and where to find them so you can make better decisions
  • Outline of your marketing plan so you know what the next steps are and what to focus on

Investment: $285

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The Impactful Brand Blueprint Package

A 4-part personal branding strategy package to strongly position your brand in the industry, build authority, get recognized, and elevate your impact!

To position yourself as an authority and stand out from the competition based on your skills and personality, you need to educate your ideal client and connect with them on a personal level. By creating a personal branding strategy you’ll build a strong foundation to grow your business in an impactful brand.


Everything in the Strategic Brand Focus Package plus:

  • Deep dive into your target audience and learn everything about their life
  • Know what makes your business different and how to position yourself in the market
  • A clear view of your business infrastructure and how to better align it with your personal brand
  • Structured implementation plan
  • Support and guidance through check-in calls

Investment: $945

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I grew up among entrepreneurs as the child of a blue-collar business owner. I’ve seen the power of a good reputation and expertise. But I’ve also seen the struggle of knowing your craft, having a good reputation but without a solid foundation—no strategy. One cannot live without the other. Seeing my dad struggle ignited the passion to help small business owners, specifically experts, to show the world what they have to offer based on proven strategies.

My education in Marketing and my experience working in several small businesses and managing micro-brands has equipped me to understand a business as a whole. To look at how different pieces work together and how the owner is the beating heart that connects all the blood vessels.

This same holistic approach is what I apply to the brands of my clients to turn them into industry leaders through different personal branding strategy packages and services. I assess their brand infrastructure, package their messaging, and teach them how to put it out into the world.


There is nothing like you, there was nothing like you, and there shall be nothing like you.

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