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[box-2][title align=”center” type=”line”]“If you show up regularly with generosity, everything else is gonna take care of itself”[/title]

– Seth Godin


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Personal Branding Strategy Packages

While you may think that personal branding means just showing up, the actual practice of personal branding requires more strategic thinking and a holistic approach. Through intensive sessions and following proven marketing theories, that are combined with the principles of human connection, we’ll simplify and clarify your brand to increase brand authority and engagement.

My holistic approach to marketing and focused methodology offers you clarity on all aspects of your business so you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business operations.

With these personal branding strategy programs, we take a deep dive into your business to understand the purpose behind your brand, the people it serves, and your brand focus. By having clarity on the fundamentals of your brand, we can define specific tactics that build authority, promote engagement, increases leads and referrals to ultimatelly create sustainable growth. 

The packages:

  • The Strategic Brand Focus Package

A 2-part personal branding strategy package to find your focus and get clarity around your brand!

  • The Impactful Brand Blueprint Package

A 4-part personal branding strategy package to strongly position your brand in the industry, build authority, get recognized, and elevate your impact!

Investment starts at $285

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Personal Branding Photography Package

Your imagery is one of your biggest assets when it comes to your personal branding. People connect with others through face-to-face interactions and personal brand photography allows you to leverage the principles of human-connection by showing up and showing your face online while being your authentic self.

Personal branding offers you the opportunity to create a professional, soulful, authoritative, and authentic brand that will flourish into a profitable business that is built to last. Stand out from the crowd and show your expertise through carefully curated images.

I’m a traveling photographer shooting purposeful entrepreneurs from around the world. You can check out my travel schedule to see where I’m heading or contact me to inquire about the opportunities to shoot your brand in your city of choice. I offer 4 different personal branding packages, including a subscription package. [button url=”https://www.smplycreate.com/personal-branding-photography” target=”_self” size=”medium” display=”inline-block” float=”none”]Learn More[/button][/box-4]

[title align=”center” type=”none”]Add-On Services[/title]

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Content Writing/Blog Post

Having a blog as part of your personal branding and content marketing strategy is crucial for communication between your brand and your customer. It’s necessary for search engine optimization and can help upsell, cross-sell, or even be the lead generation of your business. Blog posts are no magician with a magic wand but having a solid strategy, consistency, and reader-centered content will take your business to new heights.

INVESTMENT: Starting at $75

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Lifestyle Branding Photography

Keep your complete social media feed professional and on-brand by adding lifestyle branding photography. Lifestyle branding photography is images that are specifically styled to match your brand and to communicate your story. By combining lifestyle branding photography and personal branding photography, you will connect with your ideal clients and inspire them by consistently showing up to serve them and offering value.

INVESTMENT: Packages Starting at $268

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You have questions and I have answers!

[toggle question=”Where are you located?”]I’m based on the sunny Caribbean island of Curaçao, but do a lot of remote work and I’m often traveling. You can check out my travel schedule to see my upcoming travel plans. I can travel to the United States, Europe, and the Dutch Caribbean islands. [/toggle]

[toggle question=”I’m in the beginning stages of my business. Is your personal branding strategy package right for me?”] It depends. Do you feel like you have clarity on your offerings? If the answer is yes then this package is exactly what you need. However, if you feel like you’re still in the trial and error phase when it comes to niching and getting clear on the thing you offer then this might not be the best service for you. Some people have that clarity even before launching and some have to play with their ideas. In order to have a solid persona brand strategy, you need to at least know the different ways you want to serve and your brand’s purpose.[/toggle]

[toggle question=”Do you offer payment plans?”]Yes, I’m happy to split your investment into two or thirds (depending on the package) and bill you accordingly. A $100 handling fee will be included and divided accordingly. We can talk about the options during your clarity call.[/toggle]

Have more questions you’d like to ask? Feel free to ask me during a clarity call.

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