10 Must-Have Branding Photos for Your Online Business

reading a book with a text overlay:10 Must-Have Branding Photos for Your Online Business

Branding photos helps you create images that evoke the emotional attributes of your brand. However, deciding what images to shoot can be arduous.

As a photographer, I found that some branding photos will always perform well when shared as they show authenticity and credibility. These are images that you ought to have in your content database.

The purpose of branding photos isn’t to boost popularity but to foster relationships in an industry where transactions are virtual and impersonal. It aims to express the emotional features of your brand to increase your know, like, and trust factor.

What are Branding Photos?

Your “naked service” is your offer but your added value is your brand. It’s your personality, expertise, and values (emotions) communicated through your personal branding.

Effective branding requires communication. If your ideal client can not see and feel your brand, then it won’t have any perception of your brand. Your brand becomes a simple commodity.

Communication is done through words and images. Especially in today’s world, images have become even more important to effectively grab attention and share a message beyond letters.

An image of your comfy couch with a blanket shows comfort. An image of a garden shows serenity. That’s how different images evoke different emotions. Even a lifestyle image of you has meaning and is considered a branding photo, specifically a personal branding image.

To stop people from mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, your image needs to pop. The 10 branding photos below are examples of images that create space for good storytelling when paired with good copy.

1. Office Flat Lays

A tablet, black leather bound planner, and e-reader stack on top of each other.

2. Your Environment (City, Home, and Neighborhood)

Cactus lined in front of a pink wall.

3. Lifestyle Headshot

A Black girl on a bench in a park.

4. Behind-The-Scenes

A girl with a yellow top scrolling through an Instagram profile.

5. Favorite Beverage

A cup of tea and notebook in the back.

6. Coffee Images

A cup of artful cappuccino

7. Books

A stack of books

8. Writing or Typing

Writing in a notebook

9. (Favorite) Lunch

A chicken salad with a juice and sunglasses.

10. Lifestyle Shots

Pool-side with a towel and water bottle.

How to Shoot Images for Your Brand

The content you share on your social media channels must always align with your branding. Your content marketing and branding strategy go hand-in-hand.

But, the strategy is the intention and guide. To get the actual images you need to translate it into action.

Without the right skillset, taking professional-looking images that align with your brand and will make people engage is difficult. Not too mention that to consistently be visible on social media you need a large database of images to share.

Many entrepreneurs choose to hire a professional photographer for their personal branding photoshoots and branding images.

But, working with a photographer continuously to grow your database may not be financially feasible for you. In that case, using your smartphone and learning how to take good images is the best option.

Three things you should know when taking your own images:

  1. Your brand personality/vibe
  2. The camera techniques
  3. Your brand’s editing style

If you are interested in learning smartphone photography then I recommend you check this training I offer.

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