How to Streamline Your Marketing To Be Effective & Efficient

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The key to reducing overwhelm, staying focused, and increasing profit margin is to streamline your marketing for better efficiency and effectiveness. I’m sharing my 4-step process for systemizing and streamlining your marketing processes.

I realized very early in my business that I need structure. As someone who’s very enthusiastic, multi-passionate, and is too quick to give up on things that don’t seem to work in the first 5 minutes, I knew that I need to structure my business and streamline my workflow.

Specifically, streamline my marketing workflow since it’s my most important business process.

Entrepreneurs are notorious for being chaotic. You get excited and jump from one thing to another without first structuring your business.

It’s no surprise that inefficiency is the number one reason why brands go out of business. They’re hemorrhaging money without even noticing it.

While the need to streamline came quite early for me, the process of streamlining my marketing is anything but easy. It takes time to get a well-streamlined marketing process, especially if you want to do it right.

4 Steps to Streamline Your Marketing

The biggest mistake that I see entrepreneurs make is wanting to streamline their marketing before systemizing their processes. You cannot streamline a process when it’s in a state of chaos and there is no clarity.

My 4-step process to streamline my marketing is as follow:

  1. Implement
  2. Systemize
  3. Streamline
  4. Optimize
The Streamline Marketing 4 Step Process Cycle Illustration

This is part of my focused approach to marketing because I have to do the first three steps before moving on to a new project—ideally all four.

Streamlining is part of a bigger picture and unique to every business. I can’t tell you what software to use or how to structure your content creation process. Each business and every business owner will have different needs.

What I can do is equip you with the knowledge to discover the best way to streamline your marketing to increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of your actions.

Step 1: Implement

I believe in putting all your focus on one marketing platform or one marketing activity before adopting a new one.

Multitasking is a myth and no one can split their attention and manage different projects simultaneously. Remember, marketing isn’t the only task in your business.

If you need to split one hour between three different social media platforms, how much work do you think you’ll be able to give to each? More importantly, how good will the quality of your work be?

Now, let’s say you spend that full hour on Instagram, can you imagine how much more valuable your efforts are going to be?

This first step to streamline your marketing is aimed at making you aware of how many projects you start with because implementing this process to multiple projects together is energy-draining.

Instead of implementing new marketing tactics simultaneously, you stack them on top of each other. By the time you finish the streamlining part, you’ve reduced the time you work on the project significantly.

Not only that but implementing one project at the time, helps you measure the effectiveness of your actions and assess new projects.

Step 2: Systemize

Every business should have written documentation of their workflows. Whether it’s for content creation, social media marketing, onboarding process, every process in your business should be documented.

To streamline your marketing, you first need to systemize each step in the process. Like this:

  1. Create a list of each step you take for the project or platform.
    • It can be digital or in a notebook.
  2. Follow the steps on the list to test it.
  3. Asses, tweak and improve if needed.
  4. Create a final list with the common steps when satisfied. Be specific.

Here’s an example of how I systemized my content creation, specifically blog posts:

  1. I wrote down a list of the steps I take to create a blog post in ClickUp.
  2. For two weeks I followed the steps in the list when creating a blog post (total of 6 times).
  3. I tweaked the steps if I found a better way or if I was missing something.
  4. Tweaked the list again to create a final list with more specificity. Included where to click and how to rearrange the ‘task cards’ in ClickUp.

Step 3: Streamline

Once you systemized your workflow, now you can streamline your marketing.

To streamline means finding ease in the activity itself but also marrying this new activity into your business process ecosystem so that you can work faster and better.

If we take the same stacking method, we can stack this new activity before or after an old activity to create a new routine. It can take time to find the perfect combination, so be patient.

One more option is automatizing or outsourcing. By systemizing you already create some ease in the activity itself, but automating or outsourcing can reduce even more ‘ time-on-task’.

You can automate a step in the activity or you outsource the whole activity. By stacking activities/tasks you may even realize that you have this huge process that can now be fully automated or outsourced.

To choose the right software or hire the right VA, for example, you need to be clear on your needs and the outcome you want. This can only be achieved when you systemize first and then assess how you want to streamline.

A software cannot do this for you and neither can a virtual assistant. You need to systemize to streamline.

Step 4: Optimize

The work is never done. You always have to find ways to do the job better and that can only be achieved if you’re open to optimizing.

To objectively assess your current workflows and poke holes into it. Find new ways to be more effective and efficient and continuously evaluate how the current process is performing.

Maybe you need to streamline more, maybe you need to systemize again because of new tasks, or perhaps there is a new software you can implement. Whatever the reason, optimizing is key.

The Benefits of Streamlining Your Marketing

Streamlining your marketing is essential if you want to have a well-structured business. It creates space for clear thinking and reduces cost while increasing revenue, thus creates a better profit margin.

By creating a well-oiled marketing machine in your business you’re able to measure the results of each action instead of only relying on your gut-feeling.

But, streamlining isn’t possible without first having clarity on your brand, strategy, and a clear brand focus action plan. You must first know your project, to do your projects, to systemize those projects, to accurately streamline them.

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