Content Marketing Ideas for Consultants

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As a consultant, your value is your knowledge. Content marketing allows you to show your expertise and build trust with prospects by letting them experience your value. The key to a good content marketing strategy starts with coming up with good content marketing ideas that fit your consultancy business.

The content you create will always be unique and is what sets you apart from the competition. Why? Because the content you create is an extension of your expertise and personality.

Education is key when selling a service. Especially if your services are an “investment” for other business owners. To convince them, you need to educate them on the need for hiring you.

Content marketing offers you the opportunity to educate your customers on what you do and how it can help them. It also provides the opportunity to guide your ideal client through the funnel, from awareness to action.

What Is Content Marketing

I feel like I have to go back a step and first explain what content marketing is. I know many people who aren’t in the marketing space get confused by the terminologies.

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

To put in layman’s terms, content marketing is everything you create with the purpose of offering value. Good content marketing will always have a goal. It’s either to convert a lead to a client or retain or upsell a current client.

The copy and images on your Instagram is content marketing. The reshare on your Linkedin is content marketing. The Instagram Story you shot is content marketing.

You’re presumably already creating content. The question is, are you creating good content? Does your content serve a purpose? Does it connect, converts, and impact?

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

Every content you create must have a purpose, a goal. Even if your content is just to entertain, there still needs to be a purpose behind it. To decide on the purpose you need to understand how content marketing can help your business.

For a consultant, the ultimate benefit is the opportunity to showcase your expertise, your value. The only way for a business to slightly experience the quality and results of your work is through the praises of other business owners, referrals.

While referrals are often the main marketing tactic of consultants, you have no control over this tactic and it’s barely scalable. But, content marketing does provide you with a scalable and manageable solution for attracting new leads.

But, it’s not just new leads that you can get through content marketing. Creative content marketing ideas can have many benefits:

  1. Increase the authority of your brand by offering valuable content.
  2. Increase brand engagement when sharing content consistently.
  3. Create great customer experience by offering support before, during, and after purchase through your content.

Content Marketing Ideas for Consultants

To completely benefit from content marketing your content has to be valuable and created consistently. Below you’ll find the types of content you can create with some specific ideas.

1. Educational/Expert Content

This is the most important type of content you’ll create. It’s the pillar of your content marketing and also the content type that its goal is to convert people as much as possible.

The idea is to activate people, create the desire to work with you, and show your expertise through your content. It’s a long-form content that requires more energy to create but is longlasting and can be easily repurposed in various forms.

Content Marketing Ideas:

  • Free webinars, workshops, or masterclasses
  • Comprehensive workbooks
  • Free courses
  • E-books
  • Podcast

2. Entertainment Content

Educational, expert-type, content is important but not suitable for all platforms (for example social media) or sustainable on large scale. It will eat too much of your time and overwhelm your ideal client.

So, mix it up with some more entertainment type of content that people can quickly browse through but still shows your expertise. Just focus on 1 or 2 key points instead of going in dept. You can always choose to break it down in chunks if you have a subject that requires more information.

Content Marketing Ideas:

  • Behind the scene videos
  • Light-hearted social media captions
  • Social media stories
  • Short IGTVor Youtube videos

3. Personal Content

As a consultant, showing your personality is important for connecting and building a relationship with your ideal client.  This type of content is often the one that gets the most engagement.

All your content needs to be infused with your personality, but it’s important to add content that is purely raw, vulnerable, and unscripted.

Content Marketing Ideas:

4. Content for Guest´s Platform

A good way to share your expertise and at the same time expand your network is by leveraging other people´s platforms.

However, You will have to tailor your message to the audience. But, at some point, you´ll find a format that can be repurposed. Doing this on an on-going basis can truly position you as an expert and bring you closer to becoming an industry leader.

Content Marketing Ideas:

  • Being a guest on podcasts
  • Insta-stories takeovers
  • Join live videos
  • Guest workshops
  • Speaking engagements

Where to Start with Content Marketing

If you want to be intentional with your efforts and ensure that your content creates impact and converts, you have to be strategic with the content you produce.

You need an extremely good knowledge of your ideal client. The better you know them, the better your content will be. You need to know everything about them. What they like and dislike. But, you also need to know how they interact with your brand as clients.

That’s how you’ll produce amazing content that builds authority and engagement.

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