"Once i defined my story and framed it around my brand, everything fell into place"

Get this level of clarity and success will be a given!

stuck, overwhelmed and distracted?

You know what success means in your business, but do you know how to get there?

A $300 course or a podcast episode of your favorite business leader will teach you what steps work for them. But, are those the right steps for your business?

As a purposeful online entrepreneur, you need to stop looking at what is cool and how others have built their business. That’s not how you create an innovative brand that continuously makes money and is so impactful that it shakes the earth. 

That road will only lead to overwhelm, distraction, and feeling stuck!

Honey, Oprah didn’t get to where she is by following trendy tactics created by some white dudes.

You’re losing money and time if you’re investing in lousy tactics and hacks instead of getting clear on who you serve and how. The problems you solve and your messaging. And, your action plan to increase income and opportunities. 

If you want to stop surviving and start thriving, then it’s time to get serious about your growth.
A Black girl sitting behind a table with an open planner in her hand.

Imitating Others?

Looking at your peers or mentors for “how to’s” will only get you so far.  While you may think you’re doing “all the right things”, in reality, you’re only getting more overwhelmed by all the marketing “must do’s”. When your actions don’t align with your brand, your brand will never stand out and bring you the results you want to see in your business.

Throwing Spaghetti?

Your actions aren’t bringing results because you’re investing in step-by-steps. A checklist is useless when you have no clarity around your brand essentials, your foundation. I can tell you to do Instagram Lives, but if you don’t understand your brand, you can’t execute it in a way that works for your business. You will only be wasting money and time

A Black girl sitting behind a table with looking at an open planner in her hand.
If you compete on the level of quality, you’ll always lose.
If you compete on the prices of your services, you’ll always lose.
If you compete with the number of investments made in your business, you’ll always lose.
There will always be someone with better quality, better price, and a fancier business.

The value you offer is your potential. No landing page, funnel software, or social media platform will help you make an impact if you don’t stand in your purpose.​

The leaders and mentors you look up to are making an impact because they leveraged their potential and dominated the industry.

Can you imagine how it would feel to finally get your work noticed, loved, and respected?

If you’re a service provider, like a coach or designer, your biggest asset is your knowledge. Your second biggest asset is yourself.

There will never be someone with a better personality than yours. With better values or with a better purpose. There is no way to copy, equal, or surpass the life experiences and traits that makes you who you are.

Until you learn to embrace your personality as part of your business. Until you realize that they’re not liabilities, your business will never thrive. The impact you want to make in the world will never happen.

You don’t need fancy tools or trendy tactics to grow your business. You are smart, creative, and independent #youareaqueen.

All you need to establish your brand is yourself. Leverage your strengths to fortify your brand and grow your business.

Growing an impactful brand requires a strong foundation that aligns with the values and the legacy you want to build.

A solid brand blueprint gives clear guidance on what your brand stands for. How people should perceive it and what actions will help you succeed.

Can you imagine how life would be like if you’re not wasting money on countless $30 courses? Wasting time spinning your wheels trying to make more sales next month? Or, getting frustrated each time you, yet again, missed a business goal?

Having a brand blueprint will lead to more people wanting to work with you. More requests for speaking engagements. More time and money to enjoy Margarita’s and rooftop brunches.

If you want to catapult your growth, then it’s time to get your duck in a row.



A 10-weeks program designed to help you create your brand blueprint. Your brand blueprint is your foundation. It’s where your success lies and where you build your legacy.

this in-depth program will completely change the way you brand and market your business!

This program is the first of its kind to not only teach you what steps to take in your business, but also makes you understand the why. We will dive into each part of your brand to understand it, strengthen it, and align it with your actions and purpose.

I’ve seen my clients go through this process and get a breath of relief and hope when they create their blueprint. They finally feel like they’re taking the right action. They know exactly what to focus on, but most importantly, what NOT to focus on. Instead of doing all the things and hoping for the best, they take innovative actions that makes them stand out and succeed.


You'll be able to:

Define What Makes You Stand Out

Create a brand with an authentic character and a powerful message that has a lasting impact on each person that interacts with it. Authenticity is what makes people want to connect and work with you. It's what makes your brand a magnet that attracts its dream client.

Position Yourself as An Authority

Clearly communicate your value at the right time, on the right platform, and using the right words. With great communication comes recognition, authority, and steady growth. That's what leads to successful launches and more recurrent clients.

Have a Clear Roadmap

Know exactly what you need to focus on in the coming six months to propel your growth. With a clearly defined marketing plan, you have a better ability to track, analyze, and evaluate your results and steer your actions. No more throwing spaghetti on the wall or getting overwhelmed.

Show Up Confidently

Impact requires visibility! Safely step out of hiding mood and serve your audience in each stage of their journey. With clarity and a solid plan that aligns with your values and personality, you´ll beat any insecurities and finally control that nagging Imposter Syndrome.​

"I wish I started working with Omaily earlier. It would have saved me so much headache."

“After my business started gaining momentum, I felt like I had to invest in order to achieve more growth and reach my goals. I added more income streams, had over five people in my team and spent so much money on courses. Some I never got to consume, because I was feeling so overwhelmed and behind. The business wasn’t making more profit and I felt completely disconnected from it.
That’s when I decided to start working with Omaily. She helped me understand that my business is more than just the services I was providing and I realized how I was overcompensating instead of serving. The moment we simplified my business and defined my brand personality and value, I doubled the number of clients I had in 6 months. I got there without a team and working much less than before.
It was refreshing having Omaily’s expertise and honest feedback from an outside perspective. To have someone help me understand my business and how I should market it in a way that fits my vision.” 

– Nina Martin, Graphic Designer

What's Inside

the program?

Training Videos

Group Trainings

Live Feedback

Fill-In-the-Blank Sheets

Advanced Bonus Trainings


1. Brand Sketching

A brainstorm process using a specific framework that draws correlations between you, your expertise, your business, and your long-term vision. This sketching process will determine and define all the pieces of your brand.

2. Create Floor Plan

Your business model is your ecosystem. Get clear on what services you offer, how it makes people's lives better, and how it differs from the competition. Your business model will help you gain a competitive edge and offers a guide for your decision-making process.

3. Home Owner's Wishlist

Knowing your ideal client is crucial to consistently make money, get noticed, and grow a brand. Learn how to make a good ideal client profile based on data-driven research to ensure the success of your actions. You'll get a checklist to efficiently execute your research, scripts to lead interviews, and training on how to translate your data into an Ideal Client Profile.

4. The Style

A brand without character, a brand that stands for nothing, will fall for anything. Turn your business into a brand that is loved by your ideal client. A brand that is deeply connected with their life based on a shared purpose and common values. Make a brand that is as strong as a religion. As a political party. Better yet, establish a brand that is as strong as freaking Beyoncé

5. The Design

Your success is much dependent on your authority in the industry. Using a proven Positioning Formula and Value-Metric Model, you'll be able to position your brand in the right corner of the industry by being authentic and offering value. With this method you'll be the go-to person in no time.

6. Content Engineering

Amplify your voice and increase your visibility with effective content. My signature Content Funnel Model will help you make content that is personal, moves prospects down the funnel, and increases your credibility All without costing you tons of money or time. The only purpose of your content is bringing you some Franklins, not headache.


Enroll Now and you'll also get these

Marketing Analytics Training

Value: $219 Included in the Program

How do you know your efforts are paying off? It’s all in your data! Learn how to gather, interpret, and analyze your analytics to make better decision in your business.

Marketing Calendar Training​

Value: $149 Included in the Program

Say goodbye to overwhelm! The Marketing Calendar Training will guide you in planning your marketing activities for the coming 6 months in less than 2 hours. The best thing is that this system includes all activities in one place.

1-1 Project Planning Workshop

Value: $349 Included in the Program

Using my Focus Framework I’ll teach how to prioritize, plan your activities, and improve your productivity. This is the stepping stone to your marketing calendar.

Content Creation Masterclass

Value: $299 Included in the Program

Grow your social media with converting content. Learn the fundamentals of smartphone photography and engaging captions to create content that align with your brand’s personality.

This program is valued at $1847

But, I’m giving your the opportunity to apply for THIS FIRST SEASON of The Brand Legacy Program at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE of just…

most flexible


3 payments




14 days

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Brand Legacy program comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I’ve build this program in the hope that it will transform the way you think and approach your brand. It’s a process and it takes commitment and dedication. That’s why in order to be eligible you have to proof that you’ve done the homework and actively engaged in the program.

So, if you’re actively engaging and doing the work but you feel that the program is not for you, then send me an e-mail within the 14 days and I’ll kindly refund you. Just remember that you need to send proof in order to be eligible.

I initially wanted Omaily to help me with our branding strategy and networking. While she helped us craft an in-depth strategy and communication plan, it was her professional and supportive approach that made working with her special. During our sessions, she helped us understand the importance of personal branding for our business and gave us immense clarity on our ideal client. We were absolutely satisfied with the end result and absolutely recommend other entrepreneurs to work with her and go through the same transformation.

Vanshika Dewnani

Event Designer

i can't wait to meet you inside

The Brand Legacy Program
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The Brand Legacy Program is PERFECT for you if...

you're a service-provider with a big vision

You know big things are awaiting, but you just need some clarity and guidance to get your business there.

You're passionate about your work

Yet, even though you’re a total nerd an expert in your field, you’re business isn’t thriving as it should.

you're done throwing spaghetti on the wall

Instead you want a clear roadmap of what will work for your business.

you're ready for more in life & business

More income, more recognition, more opportunities, more growth in your business, and more impact.


You can hire a branding strategist...

…but they will only focus on the identity parts of your brand. You would still miss your positioning, service definitions, and all the important nitty-gritty that is part of your brand.
Cost: $800-$1500 minimum

You can hire individual professionals...

…like a content marketer and brand designer, but you’ll probably come back running after a few months. Because, without a strategy you’ll have no direction and will get derailed.
Cost: $250-$2000

You can continue running the business the way you're doing it now...

…and hope for the best. However, if that’s not working now, why do you think it will work in the future? This strategy will only lead to stagnation and eventually you’ll be back or stay stuck at that dreadful 9-5.

This program is valued at $1847

But, I’m giving your the opportunity to apply for THIS FIRST SEASON of The Brand Legacy Program at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE of just…

most flexible


3 payments





You have questions, I have answers!

Can you afford not to? I’ve seen so many entrepreneur make the mistake of wanting to first do a launch, get their website up, do a re-brand, before investing in the fundamentals. Well, I have yet to experience one person whom this way of doing business worked for them. Your brand blueprint is your #1 priority in business. Without a brand foundation your have nothing.

This program is built for driven entrepreneurs with a somewhat validated offer. While I don’t expect you to be making millions, I do expect you to have some clarity around your vision, your expertise, and the demand for it in the market. While this program is not designed for newbies, you can still apply if you feel confident about your business idea and you’re ready to go all in.

Personal branding is as powerful for entrepreneurs with teams as for solopreneurs. Even a business with team members need to connect and build authority to grow. The advantage of this program, is that you’ll define your brand foundation is a way that is uniquely yours.

The reason why I have an application process is to ensure that the group is diverse, everyone is one the same page, and with the same level of motivation. The advantage of a group program is the collective energy. So, I want to make sure it’s a positive one and that it will inspire each member.

The reason why you have to apply to get in, is so I can assess whether this program will be a good fit for you. I want to see you succeed and I believe in offering you guidance even if that means not having you in the program.

But, if you do get in and you realize that it’s not for you, then the program comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

So, if you’re actively engaging and doing the work but you feel that the program is not for you, then send me an e-mail within the 14 days and I’ll kindly refund you. Just remember that you need to send proof in order to be eligible.

You’ll need about 2-3 hours each week to dedicate to the program. Remember that the time you put is directly correlated to the outcome. It’s a few weeks of work for a lifetime of results.

Yes, during the group call you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback on your ideas and progress. We’ll also have special Hot Seats call where you can get more in-depth feedback.

No, this is a live program. There will be a few pre-recorded videos, but most of the content is live and you’ll get everything week after week instead of all at once.

You have until the 30th of September to apply. Everyone who applied will get notified before the 7th. We’ll kickoff the program on the 9th of October.

The most flexible option is two monthly payments of $. The most valuable option is a one-time payment of $

This program is valued at $1847

But, I’m giving your the opportunity to apply for THIS FIRST SEASON of The Brand Legacy Program at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE of just…

most flexible


3 payments